SSA Mapping is the result of a partnership between Baluart and Ilimitado, two firms from Bahia that have been working in the artistic and cultural field for ten years. Two years ago, the producers decided to work together to give life and colors to SSA Mapping, the only festival in the capital of Bahia that combines art and technology.



Baluart, which is led by producers Lívia Cunha and Fernanda Félix, is well known for its work in developing, managing and producing cultural projects designed in different languages, especially those related to Visual Arts.



Ilimitado was created by José Enrique Iglesias and Pedro Araújo, both with background in organizing cultural and institutional events, as well as expertise in designing and installing structures for large concerts and events.

Roberta Carvalho


Roberta Carvalho, a visual artist born in Belém do Pará, once again takes on the artistic direction of SSA Mapping. Roberta works with image, urban intervention and video art. She is the creator of the Amazon Mapping Festival (FAM), held in her home state since 2013.


Communication Coordination

Jangada Conteúdo is a content production firm that develops multi-platform strategies and has been a partner of SSA Mapping since the project was designed, working on the communication management.